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Important Notice

From January 2017 Positive Action will begin changing. Present services are ending and will be replaced with staff-led workshops and peer-led support (support that is given voluntarily, by people living with HIV).

Drop-in sessions in Aldershot, Southampton and Portsmouth, and one-to-one support will continue until March 2017, when they will all end. During these months we will also work to support you through the changes according to your personal circumstances.

Having lost almost all of our funding in recent months, the new Positive Action will focus on greater self-management, which has been developed to best reflect the realities of living with HIV today, as identified through the consultation that we carried out in Spring 2016.

In March 2017 the peer-mentoring programme (Project 100) will begin as planned. Later on, the staff-led workshops will offer opportunities for you to meet up as we aim to support you to establish sustainable, local peer-support groups across Hampshire and Surrey.

The new Positive Action will be co-ordinated by a smaller team of paid staff so, regrettably, redundancy of the current staff team is unavoidable.

The Trustees will be holding meetings during drop-ins in January - 5th in Southampton, 6th in Aldershot and 10th in Portsmouth - to discuss the changes and to explain how you can be a part of the new Positive Action. They will address any concerns you may have. In the meantime, please contact the team if you would like more information.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Hellawell
On behalf of The Board of Trustees