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Goodbye from Positive Action

Sadly, after two and a half decades providing help and support to those affected by HIV across Surrey and Hampshire, Positive Action has lost its funding and despite many efforts to find a way forward, has now been forced to close.

We thank everybody who has worked with us over the past 25 years or so to provide this much loved and crucial service to our users.

Finally, following the sad and difficult decision to formally close the organisation we would like to say that it has been an honour to have served PA and we wish you all the best for future. We will continue to support all efforts to reduce the associated stigma wherever we go.

HIV support in North Hampshire

New support service launched

Thames Valley Positive Support is an HIV charity that offers practical and emotional support to anyone affected by HIV across Berkshire. They have now expanded to include support services to the residents of North Hampshire too.

You can contact TVPS via WhatsApp on 07853 951836,

by clicking the live chat button on their website,

by emailing the TVPS office

or by calling 0118 9353730 or 01628 603400.

Thames Valley Positive Support was established in 1985. Charity number 1151431.