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Services We Offer

All services are aimed to enable full and independent living and are equally available to those who are infected with HIV and those who are affected; carers, partners and family members.

Service users explain how they have benefitted from Positive Action's Support:

Please contact us for more information or to arrange an appointment.

Information Services

Advice and Information about HIV

Advice and information about HIV, transmission, prevention and testing is available at the Centres by email and post or by calling our helpline.

HIV Treatment and Health Support

HIV treatment can be complicated; it can be hard to take and difficult to adhere to. We can support you to decide whether and when to start treatment, to adhere to treatment regimes and to manage the side effects.

Our support with HIV treatment and living well complements that given by healthcare professionals and is additionally supported by a Community Clinical Nurse Specialist who attends PA regularly.

Emotional and Practical Support

Support for New Diagnosis

We can provide you with extensive personal support after receiving a positive diagnosis. We recognise that accessing peer support may be too difficult whilst coming to terms with managing a life long condition.

One-to-One Support

Our Support Co-ordinators are able to provide dedicated one-to-one support on a wide variety of issues and to refer you to other expert professionals as appropriate.


Whilst many people living with HIV are experiencing a better quality of life than previously available, mental health issues are increasingly prevalent as individuals struggle to maintain a 'normal' lifestyle whilst discreetly managing a strict drug regime and often unpleasant side effects or the 'secret' of an HIV+ diagnosis.

PA can support you to manage the impact of living with HIV by accessing counselling therapy delivered by qualified psychotherapists.

Life Coaching

A life coach can help you set clear goals towards achieving the life you want.  Having helped you to identify these goals, a life coach will help you to prioritise them and encourage you to believe that they really are achievable and to help you achieve them.

Life coaching helps you to break negative belief patterns and set challenging aspirations.


We are able to provide the assistance of an advocate to communicate on your behalf and/or or to support you during clinical or formal meetings.

Social Services

We are able to refer you to the appropriate statutory services if you need support with respite, alterations in the home or care. The HIV specific Social Worker in Surrey regularly hosts support sessions at PA.

Sexual Health Services

Sexual Health Promotion / Safer Sex Guidance

We work closely with Solent Health Trust's Sexual Health Promotion Team and Sexual Health Surrey to provide information on all aspects of sexual health including negotiating safer sex, how to communicate better with sexual partners and how to get a fulfilling sex life.


Condoms, lube, female condoms and dams are freely available to service users at the Centre or by post.

Social Support

Drop-in Sessions

The drop-in sessions provide the opportunity to meet other service users and professionals in a safe and confidential environment. Many issues are discussed in an open and non-judgemental atmosphere, and peer support and networking is evident.

Back to Work Skills

PCs are available for you to use to not only access information but also to research employment opportunities, prepare CVs and job applications and to update your IT skills in a bid to return to work or education.

Social Integration

Lunch is provided each Friday in Aldershot, and an evening meal is provided on Thursday in Southampton. These get-togethers always provide an opportunity for you to relax socially with others.

Social events are held during the year which all service users are invited to attend.

Financial Services

Debt, Housing and Welfare Benefits Advice

It is common for an HIV diagnosis to make a significant impact upon a person's livelihood and ability to maintain employment, this often results in a need to seek additional or alternative support.

Financial Support

Studies have demonstrated a common link between HIV and increased poverty. Where appropriate we make applications for discretionary grants to alleviate hardship and to provide other essential goods.

Financial assistance with transport costs incurred by travelling to our Centres is available.

Hardship Support

Many service users experience hardship and we support where possible with food parcels and clothing, bed linen, laundry facilities and furniture.

Cultural Issues

Immigration Advice

We are able to refer you to legal services for specialist immigration/asylum advice and support.

Cultural Support

We work in close partnership with professionals who can provide cultural support to individuals and families from black and minority ethnic communities. BME specialist workers regularly host support sessions at the Centres.

Please contact us for more information or to arrange appointments for any of the above.

All services are provided free of charge although donations are always welcome and gratefully received.