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HIV in the News

This page contains the most recent HIV related news from NAM aidsmap. You can read the full story by clicking on the headlines.

Baseline CD4 count biggest factor in long-term immune system improvements after starting HIV therapy

Pre-treatment CD4 cell count is the most important factor in immune recovery following the initiation of combination antiretroviral therapy (cART), according to the results of a large observation study published in HIV Medicine. The 7600 people included in the analysis all had an estimated date of seroconversion. The average CD4 cell count six years ... full story

Thu, 14 Dec 2017

Progress on the 'Third 90' target is not a reliable guide to HIV transmission potential, South African study shows

Measuring the proportion of people with an undetectable viral load may be lulling health policymakers into a false sense of security in their efforts to control HIV transmission through comprehensive treatment, according to a new study from South Africa. Undetectable viral load has been adopted ?as a proxy for ART [antiretroviral ... full story

Wed, 13 Dec 2017

People with HIV less likely to be prescribed key drugs to reduce cardiovascular risk

Physicians in the United States are less likely to prescribe key recommended medications for the prevention of cardiovascular disease to people with HIV compared to HIV-negative individuals, according to research published in the Journal of the American Heart Association. Prescription rates for aspirin, antiplatelet medications and statins were markedly lower ... full story

Tue, 12 Dec 2017

People with HIV who are undiagnosed and those with detectable viral load less likely to use condoms, South African study finds

People with HIV who don't use condoms consistently are more likely to be unaware they are HIV-positive or to have a detectable viral load when their HIV infection has been diagnosed, according to research conducted in South Africa and published in Nature Scientific Reports. ?We found that those unaware of their ... full story

Thu, 07 Dec 2017

HIV-positive transgender men in US have significant unmet medical and social needs

HIV-positive transgender men in the United States have significant unmet social and healthcare needs, according to a study published in Research and Practice. Approximately half were living in poverty and only 60% had sustained viral suppression. ?Many transgender men receiving HIV medical care in the United States face socioeconomic challenges and suboptimal health outcomes,? write the ... full story

Wed, 06 Dec 2017

HIV drug resistance now high enough to trigger a change in first-line treatment in eastern and southern Africa

HIV drug resistance is increasing rapidly in southern and eastern Africa and Latin America and, as a result, it may soon be necessary to change the recommended first-line antiretroviral drug regimen in many countries to integrase inhibitor-based treatment, according to an analysis published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases on 30 November. The ... full story

Mon, 04 Dec 2017

ART reduces prevalence of cervical infection with high-risk HPV, pre-cancerous cell changes and cervical cancer

Antiretroviral therapy (ART) is associated with a lower prevalence of high-risk cervical human papillomavirus (HPV) infection in women with HIV, according to the results of a meta-analysis published in The Lancet HIV. Prevalence of high-grade pre-cancerous HPV-related cervical lesions and invasive cervical cancer was also lower among ART users. ?This is the first meta-analysis to investigate ... full story

Mon, 04 Dec 2017

Many Americans still get their HIV diagnosis years after infection

Many people with HIV in the United States are still being diagnosed with HIV late, and therefore not getting the full therapeutic and prevention benefits of starting antiretroviral therapy (ART) early, according to the latest Vital Signs report from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), released in advance of World AIDS Day. People at ... full story

Thu, 30 Nov 2017

HIV testing rate among children and adolescents boosted after caregivers receive a cash incentive

Children and adolescents are more likely to be tested for HIV if their parents or caregivers are offered a cash incentive, according to the results of a study conducted in Zimbabwe and published in The Lancet HIV. Offering the small cash incentive more than doubled the proportion of children undergoing ... full story

Wed, 29 Nov 2017

More work and lower drug prices are needed to eliminate hepatitis C worldwide

Eliminating hepatitis C virus (HCV) as a global public health concern is feasible, but to do this more people need to be tested and treated and prices of direct-acting antivirals (DAAs) need to come down, according to presentations at the AASLD Liver Meeting last month in Washington, DC."We will only ... full story

Wed, 29 Nov 2017

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