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Spring 2017
Vol 13 Issue 6

An Update on the Changes at Positive Action

New Service

The Trustees are currently recruiting a new team to develop and deliver the new model of support which PA will be offering soon. This is primarily based upon delivering workshops; connecting service users who may wish to form their own support groups; developing a digital community through social media, a chat forum and electronic information and forming a peer mentor programme.

Keep an eye on the website for updates.

New Team

The existing staff will be closing the drop-in centres at the end of March and will be leaving shortly after. Until the new team have started work, the Trustees will be available to respond to your enquiries, and will have the contact details for other services which may be able to assist you, as support work will no longer be available through PA.


The Aldershot centre is being taken over by another organisation (not HIV related) and the Southampton Centre is being handed back to the City Council, however the main phone numbers and email address will be maintained.

Telephone - 01252-345019 or 0800 980 1990

Email - and

Website -

Employment Opportunities at PA

To support the new model of PA, the Trustees are currently recruiting for two new staff roles. The office will be based in Aldershot but some home-working may be possible for the right candidates.


15 hours per week, c£12K + benefits

You will work closely with the Trustees to develop a new team and to create a new model of support for people living with HIV in Hampshire and Surrey.

You will provide supervision and support to the other two staff, who will be creating the new elements of support, enabling our members to access information and engage with peers through a membership programme, digital interaction, education workshops and peer mentoring.


37.5 hours per week, c£23K + benefits

You will develop and utilise new mechanisms to communicate with people living with HIV across Hampshire and Surrey, including social media and web-chat. You will respond to enquiries and to provide information to individuals looking for support, and will administer the new membership scheme.

You will have demonstrable experience of digital communication, including websites and social media. Your excellent inter-personal, intra-personal and verbal communication skills will ideally have been gained working in a support services support role.


For more information and to access the recruitment information packs, visit -

Closing date for applications: 9am on 3rd April 2017.

PROJECT 100 Training

PA's first peer mentor course has been completed

Ten service users successfully completed a three day training course in Southampton, early in March.

They are now able to provide support as peer mentors, and some are now working towards a formally recognised qualification. They will next begin the process of registering as volunteers and will be able to begin offering support once the staff new team are in place.

Logo Project 100
Project 100 delivered in partnership with Positively UK

With very best wishes to you...

From Donna

PA has been a part of my life for 21 years so you will appreciate what a wrench it is for me to be leaving, and in such circumstances. But it’s not all bad…

What a transformation I have witnessed for those living with HIV! When I joined as a volunteer in 1996 PA was supporting approximately 10 service users. At that time life expectancy for most people was two years, or less, from the point of diagnosis and PA's service was focussed on providing practicable support to people who were too unwell to care for themselves, and emotional supoprt to them and to their families.

I am, however, delighted that some of those early service users are still with us today which is testament to the huge advancements which have happened in testing, treatment and care. It was inconceivable in 1996 that we would reach the point where life expectancy for people living well with HIV  is ‘normal’, and we would be discussing the possibility of changing our terminology from 'untetectable' to 'untransmittable', which would also be an enourmous step towards reducing stigma.

Over the years, I have had the privilege of contributing to the support of over 1,200 people in varying degrees; many I won’t have met personally and some I will have worked closely with, none more so than the baby who’s birth I was so honoured to be present at. I would however, like to thank you all for the privilege of sharing your lives; I wish you every happiness in the future.

Finally I'd like to sincerely thank the fantastic team who made it all possible including staff, volunteers, therapists, supporters and professional partners who all contributed to the wonderful service we developed and the difference that we made for so many.

With very best wishes to you all for the future.


And Brian

I will be leaving PA at the end of March and the role that I am moving on to will not have direct association with HIV, but I feel sure that I may bump into some PA service users here and there, which will be very nice.

I have been with PA for over fourteen years and have witnessed the organisation grow and develop as needs have changed and opportunities have presented themselves. Sadly the current financial climate means that for PA things will change significantly, however I am so pleased to have been able to help start the journey for the first group of PA Peer Mentors.

They are a terrific team who will be able to offer very valuable lived experience to the positive community going forward. I’m also very excited to see how the Sexual Health web-chat service turns out and evolves in Hampshire as it will be another wonderful way to stay connected and feel supported wherever you may live in the county.

As I start to clear the way for the new staff team I have come across so much that reminds me of the wonderful people I have had the good fortune to meet and get to know. I will miss the lovely drop-in banter and belly aching laughs, and I reflect also on the enormous trust that so many of you have placed in me, sharing your personal stories, concerns and worries, but I am comforted in the knowledge that for many PA service users today living with HIV doesn’t dominate in the way it once did.

There’s still a way to go for the community and I trust that the new look PA will be able to be a part of that journey for you all.

I wish each and every one of you all the very best for the future and trust that you will remain connected and support each other in the special way that has become the “PA family" way.

Good bye and good luck.


Please join us at the last drop-in sessions at...

Aldershot Drop-in Centre

Southampton Drop-in Centre

Portsmouth Drop-in Centre

Due to the forthcoming changes, each of our centres will be closed from the end of March, after which the staff will be leaving. If you'd like to come and say farewell to the staff - and to connect with other service users - please do come along to any of the following:


The last drop-in session in Aldershot will be Friday 24th March, 10am - 4pm with lunch at 1pm.

Contact Marcela for more information -


The last drop-in session in Southampton will be Thursday 23rd March, 2 - 8.30pm, with dinner at 7pm.

Contact Russell for more information -


The last drop-in session in Portsmouth will be Tuesday 28th March, 4 - 7pm.

Contact Russell for more information -

Solent LOGO

Web Chat available to Hampshire Residents from April

PA has been working with Solent NHS Trust to develop a web chat service for patients who attend sexual health clinics in Hampshire, including Southampton and Portsmouth, through funding from Public Health England.

From early in April, you will be able to communicate with the sexual health team using web chat via . Please check their website for updates and further details.

Living Well with HIV

New Reports and Leaflets

Older people now represent 1 in 3 of those living with HIV, but the government isn’t ready for this fast-growing aging population, a new report claims.

Read more:


New ageing and HIV factsheets

NAM have produced six new factsheets on health problems and co-morbidities that often affect people living with HIV as they get older: type 2 diabetes, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, chronic kidney disease, stroke, bone problems and menopause.

They are available to read online, print and download as PDFs.


NAM has recently updated 22 titles from its 'Basics' series of leaflets. These illustrated leaflets provide a simple and easy-to-understand introduction to key HIV issues. All of these leaflets are available to view online at and in print through NAM’s patient information scheme.


NAM Basics Leaflets

All the titles are in line with the most recent HIV treatment guidelines, recommending treatment for everyone diagnosed with HIV. Important updates have been made on HIV and the criminal law as well as on the sexual transmission of hepatitis C.

Each leaflet focuses on one topic, covering key facts, and includes an ‘important points’ section and information on where the reader can find out more on the topic.

Many titles in The basics series are also available in other languages. You can find them on their translations pages.


For more information and updates on HIV visit

Thank you

Support and Donations

We were very appreciative to have received support and donations recently from individual service users and friends of PA. Thanks also to the customers of Waitrose in Waterlooville who voted for us to receive funding.

Looking for Help On-line

Please be assured that Citizens' Advice is a confidential service which you can access for support with many issue from benefits, and debt to housing and employment. You can also find a lot of information on-line at

There is also an option where you may "Webchat" with a member of the general CAB team. 

Citizens Advice

Have Your Say

Have Your Say

Are you from a Black, Asian or another Minority Ethnic group? STIGMA SURVEY UK is seeking information about your experiences in healthcare. 

The Healthcare Stigma Survey UK aims to identify the experiences of adults (18+) living with HIV within the healthcare setting. This community led survey is driven BY people living with HIV FOR people living with HIV.  The survey will be open from December 2016 to April 2017 and invites members of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic groups to share their experiences with us. At the end of the survey, respondents have the opportunity to enter a competition to win an iPad.


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