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embrace v. 1. To clasp with one's arms as an expression of affection, or a greeting. 2. To accept eagerly. 3. To include or be made up of.
About our logo

Our logo depicts a person embracing the word "positive" illustrating Positive Action's aim to welcome infected and affected individuals to a safe, confidential and non-judgemental place; to support them to accept HIV as part of their lives and enable them to live well; and to engage with and be supported by other members of the organisation.

Welcome to Positive Action

At Positive Action, we provide emotional and practical support to all individuals and families directly or indirectly affected by HIV and living in Hampshire – including Southampton and Portsmouth – and South West Surrey.

We also advocate for people living with HIV and work to reduce discrimination through education and engaging with the whole community.

Our aim is to give all kinds of support to you if you are HIV positive or if you are affected by close association with HIV, ie. through a family member or partner - irrespective of gender, age, ability, sexuality, colour, race, ethnic or national origin, religious belief (or non-belief), family circumstances or how HIV was acquired. We and all our staff embrace our core value of being completely inclusive and non-judgemental.

Part of our purpose is also to provide up to date information and advice to all in the community, to help reduce further infection of HIV and to drive out the discrimination associated with the condition. We aim to reduce the isolation some people feel living with HIV and to help them to live the kind of life they choose to live. We encourage them to make healthy, positive choices and we provide high quality services that enable that to happen.

We offer a large number of free and confidential services to those who are registered with us. These include: confidential and safe drop-in centres; advice and information about HIV, including around treatment and other health issues; support for those who are newly diagnosed, one-to-one support, counselling and coaching sessions; and advocacy within our region.

Additionally, our users have access to complementary therapies, condoms and safer sex guidance; help with back to work skills, social integration and hardship support.

We also work with other organisations and with those we provide access to: debt, housing and welfare benefits advice; financial assistance (through hardship grants); immigration advice and cultural support; and access to social services.

Find out more about us and how we can help.