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Testing for HIV

Having a test for HIV is simple. You can get tested at a Sexual Health Clinic, formerly called GUM (genito-urinary medicine) Clinic, from a private clinic or from your family doctor (GP).

If you think you have put yourself at risk of acquiring the virus it is important you get tested as soon as possible. Furthermore if you are sexually active with different partners it is good practice to be tested regularly. If you are concerned about your confidentiality or whether HIV testing may be noted on your medical records at you GP, then you would be better to have a test done at a Sexual Health Clinic (GUM).

If you think you may have recently put yourself at risk of aquiring HIV, we would encourage you to attend a Sexual Health Clinic(GUM) or A&E department as soon as possible as PEP (post exposure propholaxis) may be recommended. PEP is a one month course of treatment that may reduce the risk of infection. It must however be started as soon as possible and within 72 hours of exposure.

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