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The Drop-in Centres

Offering a welcoming and inclusive environment, our Centres provide the unique opportunity for people to 'be themselves' in a setting where they can be open about their circumstances safe in the knowledge that they are amongst people similarly affected and are supported by a professionally trained team.

Our Centres offer excellent facilities for members who need information, advice, counselling, therapies or just somewhere to be, to meet and spend time with others who are living in similar circumstances.

Please take a look around our drop-in Centres by clicking on each of the galleries below. We hope the photos will give you a sense of how comfortable our Centres are and give you the encouragement to contact us.

Everyone who accesses the Centres sign up to our Confidentiality Guidelines for Visitors and the Environment Code so that conversation can be open and honest without fear of being disclosed elsewhere.

One Centre is based near Aldershot town centre, can be easily accessed by public transport and has adequate parking. The other is in Southampton City centre, near to parking facilities and within walking distance of public transport and other amenities.

As well as the drop-ins at our two centres, there is a weekly community based service provided in Portsmouth.

In order to maintain members' confidentiality, the locations are only shared on a need-to-know basis.

Meet Russell, our Portsmouth based Support Co-ordinator

Opening Hours & Drop-ins

  Aldershot Southampton Portsmouth
Monday 9.30am - 7pm*
Telephone contact and appointments
available from 7pm to 10pm
9.30am - 5pm*  
Tuesday 9.30am - 5.30pm* 9.30am - 5pm* 4pm - 7pm Drop-in
Wednesday 9.30am - 5.30pm* 9.30am - 5pm*  
Thursday 9.30am - 5.30pm* 9.30am - 2pm*
2pm - 8.30pm Drop-in
Friday 10am - 4pm Drop-in 9.30am - 5pm*  
*open for pre-arranged appointments only

If you have difficulty accessing the service during these times, arrangements can be made to meet you outside our normal working hours.

Please remember that people need to be registered with Positive Action before they come to a Centre or an event.

People registered with us are welcome to attend any/all drop-in sessions without prior arrangements but individual appointments need to be made in advance.

The charity's administrative office is based in Aldershot and is usually staffed from 9.30am - 5.30pm, Monday to Friday.

Services in Portsmouth

Our services are available to Portsmouth members through the community based weekly drop-in service described above, or from our Aldershot and Southampton centres. You can meet with a member of our team in Portsmouth on a one-to-one basis by appointment. The drop-in venue can be easily accessed by public transport and has adequate parking available nearby.

As the Portsmouth service is provided on a part-time basis, please initially contact us via the team in Aldershot.